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Grace Christian Church
Prayer List

People With Cancer

  • Kayla Anglin (7 yrs. old), back in hospital
  • Michelle Everidge, cancer in spine, brain & stomach, tumors are decreasing
  • Amy Sage
  • Linda Creek was diagnose with cancer
  • Pat Short Sheilas aunt Liver cancer
  • Carolyn Christian, diagnosed with cancer
  • Tim Manns has cancer
  • Angie Cupp, found brain tumor, not sure if it is cancer, she is 20 yrs old
  • Vicky Brady, throat cancer
  • Jason Geinger 6 yrs old has leukemia
  • Roger Bobbitt, had tumor removed, undergoing radiation, 39 yrs old
  • Brenda Rusell diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Giving her 2 months to live
  • Nyda Trowbridge having test to see if she has pancreas cancer


  • Pray for the ministry staff
  • Minova, Church plant in India Pregnancy, Sherrie Thon, Sarah & Brandy
  • Josh Bartlett, Gayannas brother-in-law left for military
  • Lora Mosley Pray for my Grandmother to stop smoking and great grandmother is in a nursing home

Medical Problems

  • Denver & Linda Sparkman Has health problems
  • Sarah Biddles sister Nancy-just found out it is active again and there is some blockage - pray for guidance
  • Richard Hazelton Diagnosed with Lupus Disease-undergoing treatment.
  • Clifford Parks, Problems with Heart & Kidneys, going on dialysis
  • Brenda Evans, no kidneys, needs a Heart, grandmal seizers, and 29 yrs. Old
  • Steve Printz, Bullet pressing against his spine
  • Bryan Cook - Migraine Headaches - not sure why
  • Danny Wiles had surgery, weak and dizzy
  • Bobby Lykins little girl had Retts Syndrome she is 2 yrs old.
  • Jacque Hand She had a heart attack.
  • Misty Jenkins She has a cyst on her sinuses
  • Suzie Hague, eye surgery
  • Caleb Howse- Nathan's 6week old nephew is having reflux problems


  • Dave & Deanna Stevens, little girl died
  • Denny Sparkman's step dad died 2-11-02, pray for his family



Personal & Family Prayers

  • Sheila
  • Taylor & Kaleb Johnson
  • Ethyl Mitchell
  • Rachel
  • Mary & John Yates
  • Jerry & Anne Hackworth
  • Stew Way
  • Mary Johnson
  • Spencer Family
  • Harvey Baker

Special or Unspoken Prayer Requests

  • Melanie Creek
  • Sue Griffith
  • Roger &Sarah
  • Sharon Treesh
  • Marilyn
  • Cindy
  • Natalie Cox
  • Jay Griffith
  • Pat Parker
  • Roger Minix
  • John & Nicky
  • Sara Biddle
  • Sharon Gibson
  • Sherry Dixon
  • Sue Burkhart
  • Kylen & Brandy
  • Chris & Nan
  • Conrad & Rhonda
  • Lopez Family
  • Nate Burkhart
  • Ginger Marti

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Grace Christian Church - 126 E. Mitchell St.
Kendallville, Indiana